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Full Name: Leslie Barbara Carter

Nicknames: Les, Brat, Lessie, The Princess Of Pop, MC LC, MC Leslie, Lestea (Nick calls her that)

Birthday: June 6th, 1986 at 12:15 PM

Birthplace: The Garden Villa Retirement Home, In Tampa Bay, Florida

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Gemini Element: The Twins

Current Residence: Marathon Florida

Other Homes: She also has a home in Marina Del Rey, California, Santa Ynez, California, Santa Barbara, California

Hair: Currently light brown with blond heighlights, naturally brown, but she has died it black with red streaks and blond

Eyes: Hazel/brown/blue

Weight: Personal

Parents: Robert (Bob) Gene and Jane E. Carter

Siblings: Ginger, 28, Nick Gene, 21 [Youngest Backstreet Boy], Bobbie Jean [BJ], 19, Fraternal twins Aaron Charles and Angel Charissma, 13 [Aaron is one minute younger]

Grade: Going into grade 10 in the fall

Instruments Played: Guitar and a bit of clarinet

Hobbies: Baseball, soccer, tae-kwon-do

Favourite Food: Pizza, tacos and Mom's cooking
Favourite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
Favourite Artists: Backstreet Boys, Jewel, Aqua, Faith Hill and Celine Dion
Favourite Drink: Coca Cola
Favourite Colour: Green and blue
Favourite Pet: Horse
Favourite Music: Pop, R&B
Favourite Song: Doctor Jones (Aqua)
Favourite Cartoon: Men In Black
Favourite Movies: I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Favourite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Favourite Actress: Drew Barrymore
Favourite Car: Corvette
Favourite Saying: "Stick It!"
Favourite Vacation: Niagra Falls, Ontario, CANADA
Favourite Holiday: Christmas
Favourite Subjects: Gym or PE
Favourite Clothes: Jeans and T-Shirts
Favourite Things To Do In The Summer: Go to the beach
Favourite Thing To Do In The Fall: Party, no school!
Favourite Thing To Do In The Winter: "What's winter...?" (Leslie grew up in Florida, and there's no snow there!)
Favourite Day: Friday
Favourite Month: February
Favourite Part Of The Newspaper: Comics

~Everything You Ever Wanna Know~

Leslie Barbara Carter was born June 6th, 1986 at the Villa Garden retirement home run by parents Bob & Jane in Tampa, Florida. The middle child of 5, Leslie admits to feeling "left out", but with the way her music career is taking off, it's doubtful that she'll be feeling left out much these days. Leslie appeared on the All That Tour along with pop stars LFO, Blaque, and Hoku, among others. Little bro Aaron went on the tour the year before, and some say it was a tour that gave his career a real boost. Leslie's no stranger to performing after appearing onstage with Aaron in Germany as well as on his first headlining tour in Canada last year. Leslie's promotional single "I Need To Hear It From You" was released by [Dreamworks Records] in the summer of 2000, and an official single, "Like Wow", was released in December. It received many good reviews along with the predicted "backstreet's kid sister" slams by critics.
Leslie spent March of 2001 on the road with Aaron yet again, as an opening act. All of her reviews were good - surprisingly, the song reviewers enjoyed most wasn't "Like, Wow", it was her remake of Tracy Ulman's "They Don't Know About Us"! Leslie appeared as a supporting act on summer 2001's TeeNick tour, alongside Aaron Carter, Myra, True Vibe, and the A*Teens. Look for her album release later this year, and a headlining tour to follow!

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